Capitol Reef, Utah by Minor White (1962)

The photograph titled “Capitol Reef, Utah” is a monochromatic image taken by the artist Minor White in the year 1962. The image portrays a textured and intricate view that appears to capture the natural rock formations and eroded surfaces typical of Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. The composition emphasizes the interplay of light and shadow, highlighting the rugged beauty of the landscape’s geology.

In the absence of color, the details of the rock layers and varied patterns stand out more starkly, showcasing White’s talent for transforming a landscape into an almost abstract work of art. The differing tones from dark to light guide the viewer’s eye across the photograph, and the deep cracks and ridges suggest a long history of natural processes shaping the terrain. It is a fine example of White’s ability to capture both the vastness and the intimate details of the American West.

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