Broadway at Night by Alvin Langdon Coburn (1909)

The photograph titled “Broadway at Night” was captured by the artist Alvin Langdon Coburn in the year 1909. This image showcases a nocturnal scene along Broadway, a prominent avenue known for its theater district and as a symbol of American culture.

In this photograph, we see a series of street lamps lining the thoroughfare, their globes emitting a soft, diffuse glow that illuminates the wet street surface, hinting at recent rain or the sheen of city lights reflected off the pavement. The photograph captures a sense of depth as the lights recede into the misty background, where the forms become less distinct and merge with the nighttime haze. The scene conveys an atmospheric mood of the urban evening, with a touch of quiet and the ghostly movement of the city’s life muted by the photograph’s grain and tone. The quality of the light, the composition, and the soft focus create a sense of timelessness and perhaps a touch of mystery, typical of Pictorialist style photography to which Coburn contributed during his career.

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